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“The iconic design of the Citroen Garage, characterized by its theatrical showroom, is given a new meaning of life. Life… What is the definition of life in the form of architecture? Life stands for a multitude of things, but above all for connecting. The garage connects functi- ons that together form a community. Meeting, relaxing, learning and working are the main functions within this design.”


The connection is an important theme within the program. The program consists of multiple zones: Welcoming zone, Exposition zone, Business zone, and Library zone. Each zone has its own features and main and side functions.

The welcome zone is entered directly through the entrance in the showroom. This is where all people come together and learn from each other. The showroom contains a cafe, restaurant, inner garden, reception and the entrance to the main hall.

The high, central axis forms a linear route through the building, which refers to the production process of the Citroën cars. In the form of a closed tunnel, attention is paid to the experience and the size and length of the building. The different zones and functions can be reached from the tunnel. It creates also a form of tension in which the visitor is intrigued by what is yet to come.

In the central hall, the “City Room” forms a lively courtyard that joins the welcome zone. This square is positioned in such a way that it is accessible to all surrounding functions.

The exhibition zone is characterized by three cylindrical exhibition spaces. Each with its own unique way of routing. The entire wing is used for cultural activities in which making is closely linked to exhibiting. The studios and workshops are located around the main exhibition area.

A new movement in the building is given by creating the business zone. This zone embraces the other zones due to its surrounding position. Meeting and learn- ing combined with work is the purpose of this zone, which offers space for various functions such as offices, meeting rooms, media rooms, separate workplaces and a large business zone that can function as a conference room.

The library zone is directly connected to all other zones because it has no physical separation. The reading, sitting and workstations are placed around the central auditorium, so that the round shapes are accentuated. The three-story auditorium forms a central point in the building which serves as a natural room divider. The position also ensures that the auditorium is accessible to all zones.

By using different levels by means of platforms, stairs and footbridges, a labyrinth shape is created. Nevertheless, the routing remains very clear and all zones and main functions are connected. The open space of the hall creates a public character which is a starting point for the interaction of the visitors. The characteristic circles create unity and unity in the plan.

Ground Floor

First floor



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Ontwerp: Bruce Verdonschot
Locatie: Brussels
Opdrachtgever: Centre Pompidu
Status: Concept




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